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The latest version of Easymeet extends the functionality, and we have put a strong focus on two areas, stability and advocacy squares/committees.


We have upgraded all our wireless networks to better cope with high loads, many devices and difficult wireless environments.

The increasing digitalization of society, as well as the increasing demands of users, pose major challenges in delivering seamless systems and services. Users do not accept disruption or delay as they did perhaps 7 or 10 years ago.

In addition to the hardware, we have also redesigned the communication functions in both server and clients to optimize all data traffic.

We always set up our own wireless networks, and always have a local server on site, so we can safely operate and not depend on third parties. We always build our networks and servers on backup power – if the power goes out, there is no interruption to the Congress system.

Advocacy forums/committees/commissions

We have built a completely new part of the system adapted to handle committee work, to make it easy for participants and administration.
An important feature is the “Like” button, which allows users to endorse the proposals they like best, and this then provides a good basis for the chairman and secretary when dealing with all the proposals.

The features include

  • Assign users to one or more committees
  • read documents/papers related to each committee
  • Claiming the respective committee
  • “Like” function, users can make suggestions
  • Maintain motion – motions dropped in committee can be maintained in plenary at the touch of a button.

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