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In 2020, teleworking took to new levels, despite the fact that our customers could not meet physically, meetings were held from living rooms, kitchens, basements, in cottages, offices and sometimes the car (parked of course). 2020 taught us that nothing is a given, that everything can change - it taught us to change quickly and often. Now we receive 2021

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Participate - as you are - where you are

Participate - as you are - where you are 2020 became the year we learned to meet, confer, make decisions and drive the democratic processes forward - at a distance. Since the launch of Eaysmeet Online, our customers have conducted over 300 structured meetings remotely. Sports federations, trade unions, boards and tenant-owner associations have voted, debated, conducted closed elections and taken important

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Digital meeting for tenant-owner associations!

Keep your voices through our tool Easymeet Online! The system is adapted for all types of formal meetings such as: Annual General Meeting Annual General Meeting tenant-owner association Through Easymeet online you easily handle all parts of your meeting: Agenda Speaker list Documents / documents Requests Polls Selected votes (proxies) The integrated video module makes it easy for everyone members to participate

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We at easymeet


With hundreds of completed meetings and congresses, we can proudly call ourselves experts. We are the Nordic region's largest supplier of digital meeting systems for democratic meetings. With the combined experience and knowledge we have, we are not just a supplier - we are a partner that helps you succeed throughout the process. Contact us now for more information or a demo of our tools!

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