Easy Digital Meeting Services AB

Meeting technology

Our platform helps you with all kinds of democratic meetings. Physical, digital and hybrid.

General Assembly or Congress

Easymeet Online handles all aspects of meetings and congresses, and is easily adapted to different types of organizations. The system manages the agenda, lists of speakers, voting, elections, documents. Obviously secure and accessible, with several different types of login.

Remote meeting

With video conferencing built directly into our platform, it is easy for everyone to participate remotely. Users log in as usual through their browser and can connect to the meeting from home. We also have features to manage group rooms in a simple and smart way.

Motion management

Our motions system is fully customizable to your flows, and is integrated with Easymeet Online. We also have a follow-up module where you can easily follow up on all your decisions.


With the nomination tool, all members can easily nominate for all your different positions within your organization.