Easy Digital Meeting Services AB

Digital voting for cooperatives!

Hold your meetings through our Easymeet Online tool!

The system is suitable for all types of formal meetings such as:

  • Annual meeting
  • General Assembly
  • Annual meeting of a housing association

With Easymeet online, you can easily manage all aspects of your meeting:

  • Agenda
  • List of speakers
  • Documents/documents
  • Proposals
  • Voting
  • Election of persons
  • Weighted votes (proxies)

The integrated video module makes it easy for all members to participate remotely. No other applications are required, everything is managed through the browser.

Members log in with their email address or BankID.

With our simple import templates, you can get started quickly and easily and conduct your meetings smartly and efficiently.

Should you need help, we offer several different support services:

  • Help to set up the meeting and all settings
  • Telephone support for members
  • Support for meeting administration during the meeting, on site or remotely

We offer the system both on a one-off basis and as a subscription.

For more information see Easymeet Online

Contact us now for more information and a quote for your next meeting.

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