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Weighted votes and BankID

Thank you

Since the launch of Easymeet Online, we have helped our customers conduct over 50 digital structured meetings remotely. We would like to thank all new and old customers for their trust. We are proud to be able to help the democratic process continue despite these unusual times.

Weighted votes

Weighted votes mean that one vote can be worth more. This is common in general meetings where the owner of more shares has more votes.

You now have the possibility to manage this in both personal elections and ordinary voting. Each participant can now be allocated the number of votes they are entitled to at the meeting.

Then the system takes care of the rest.


Many of our customers have requested the possibility to manage their participants’ login with BankID.

Therefore, we are now expanding the possibilities of secure logins by providing Swedish BankID.


You will have noticed that we are certified according to ISO 27001, here you can read more about what this means for your security.

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