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How can we help you realize your vision?

Video technology

It is said that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. We have taken note of this. That’s why video technology is close to our hearts.

LED screen

The high definition LED display offers great flexibility and is a great way to present graphics and information.

Media Servers

We have a wide range of different types of media servers which we customize according to your needs.

Camera production

With a mix of studio and remote cameras, we capture every moment. In 4k, of course.


Advanced projections in all sorts of different sizes and formats. We have projection screens from 2 meters to 18 meters in width.

General Assembly or Congress

Easymeet Online handles all aspects of meetings and congresses, and is easily adapted to different types of organizations. The system manages the agenda, lists of speakers, voting, elections, documents. Obviously secure and accessible, with several different types of login.

Motion management

Our motions system is fully customizable to your flows, and is integrated with Easymeet Online. We also have a follow-up module where you can easily follow up on all your decisions.


With the nomination tool, all members can easily nominate for all your different positions within your organization.

Meeting technology

Our platform helps you with all kinds of democratic meetings. Physical, digital and hybrid.

Lighting and stage design

We help you with the design and looks of your meeting or event. Using 3d drawings, we visualize according to your wishes.

Lighting technology

Each event is a unique experience.
We help you get the whole picture from idea to finished project. By combining light, images and decorative elements to create the right impression.

Stage design

Focusing on the right area and creating a feeling in the room requires light. Whether it’s show lighting, camera lighting or general lighting, we have the knowledge and technology to create the right conditions.

Sound for Speech

With market-leading equipment and experienced technicians, we solve all your audio needs.

Audio for Streaming

If you want to webcast your next meeting, we have all the technology you need to get top-notch sound.

Sound for performances

Large and small performances need professional equipment and staff. We deliver exactly what is needed in all kinds of situations.

Sound engineering

Audio is one of the most important components in getting your message across. We make sure it always sounds good about you.


We have been working on streaming and webcasting throughout our journey, and have gained invaluable experience and knowledge.


Together with you, we’ll make sure you reach all your viewers, with high quality and attractive framing. We supply all the equipment and personnel needed for a successful shipment.